Chicken & Mushroom Pasta


Creamy chicken and mushroom pasta recipe. Provides 1-2 servings.



  1. Prepare the chicken thighs. Remove the bone, add salt, add pepper, and fry.
  2. Slice the mushrooms and add them to a pan with some water and salt. Cook until the mushrooms are partially cooked.
  3. Grate or finely chop the garlic, and slice the onions. Add to the pan with some oil and cook until the onions are done, without burning the mushrooms.
  4. Add the thyme and caraway seeds and some black pepper. Add wine to deglaze and reduce the wine. Add more wine as necessary.
  5. Add the cream, slice the thighs, and add the thighs to the cream. Add the pasta and parmesan and cook until the pasta is ready.